bePatient / 我慢して

by Narujuan

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Thought I'd try something a little different.


released January 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Narujuan Bristol, UK


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Track Name: bePatient / 我慢して
One two, yo, start takin' notes, statin' all quotes
Niggaz couldn't see me through an optometrist scope
Open, by the rhythm MC's that's hardest
New Jerusalem, Artifacts be the oddest

Main target, crews who think they bringin' the news
Who's this? Kickin' in your Benz-y box crisp
As long as the Boom Skwad is hearing me clear
There ain't another rapper here that's gonna G this year

Lyric for lyric we exhibit mass appeal, stayin' Real like Erick Sermon
Drunk off the funk like it was bourbon, rollin' up Big Willie like Suburban
Blazers make a wager, tamer blows up like a pager
Makin' you wake up early, tell your girlie turn my tape up

Wait up, let me lace up the place like boots
Make loot and proceed to rock like Roots
I tear the roof off and when I fuck don't take my boots off
I shoot from the lip and make your nose glow like Rudolph

You soft, so let me hit you off with all the hardness
Artifacts shit, we got the hard shit regardless